Sunday, October 17th…

So as I know you are all probably wondering…what has been going on with Bailey!!! Well for starters she was admitted into the hospital on Monday, October 11th because her blood counts were finally ready for the stem cell collection to begin. We started the new medicine to harvest the stem cells at home on Friday, October 8th and continued them through the weekend until it was time to head to Tulane on Monday. Much to everyone’s surprise, Bailey did great when receiving the medicine. Despite the warnings that she would be very sore, achy, etc. she was total opposite. As usual she had more energy than ever! It was very nice to have another two weeks at home with her feeling so great. We were able to do all of her favorite things. We went to Mr.Gatti’s and even had a sleepover complete with movies!

On Monday when she was admitted, a second medicine was started to make the white counts double even more than what the first medicine did. She also handled this medicine very well. The only effects that the medicine had on her was that she began to hallucinate. At first Mimi and I were not sure if she was messing around with us, as she normally likes to play jokes on us all the time. After a few minutes we quickly realizes this was not the case. Poor little Bailey was seeing all sorts of things. Needless to say this countinued throughout the week. Besides the hallucinations, the stem cell collection went fabulous. It took three days but the doctors were able to collect all of the stem cells they needed to be able to store for possible future use. It was really a great feeling to know that after five time of trying to collect, it finally happened.

So Thursday, October 14th was the last day of collection. When collections were almost finished up Bailey’s doctor, Dr.Kanter, told us we could head home because Bailey was feeling so well. Of course you didn’t have to tell Bailey twice…she was making me load the car before the collection was even finished. Thankfully we got to enjoy the weekend at home. On Friday, we were told that the doctors in New York wanted us to come back there to repeat the scans before scheduling the first antibody injections. So I began making our flight arrangements and we will fly to New York on Tuesday to begin the scans that were done on our first trip. Once we get the results from these scans, Bailey will more than likely have to start the antibody treament right away. The doctor is predicting that we will get to come home for about a week before we have to fly back around the first of November. When we fly back, we will be in New York for four weeks. During that trip Bailey will receive her first round of antibody, radiation and the second round of antibody.

With that being said, I regretfully say that her benefit scheduled for November 13th, will be pushed back until a later date. After much discussions, we feel that it is the best thing to do. Bailey really wants to be there and the only way for that to happen was to reschedule the benefit. On a positive note, this rescheduling will give us more time to make it bigger and better!!! Thanks to everyone for the donations that were already lined up as we will just carry them over to the new date. As of right now we are not sure when the new date will be but I should know something in the next few weeks.

As always, thanks again for your continued support and prayers for our family as we are on this journey. It humbles me to know how many people are praying for my little girl. There is not a day that goes by that God does not send me a little reminder to let me know HE is still there. From the family that anonymously paid for our dinner one night to get well cards that students made her that were delivered to our door…they are all constant reminders that HE will take care of us because HE is watching over us all the time. Please continue to pray for us as we make this trip to New York on Tuesday. Pray that the scans will reveal nothing but good things and that God will continue to heal my little girl.

Monday, October 4th….

Well last week’s appointment at Tulane did not go as expected. On Thursday we drove to Tulane where we checked Bailey’s counts and they were still not high enough to start the harvesting for the stem cells so we were sent home for another week. Of course this news made Bailey’s day because it meant another week at home and another week without one of her shots! I must admit I was a little excited too…LOL!

Needless to say we have thoroughly enjoyed our time at home. I have been going to work everyday and Mimi and Bailey have been hanging out at home. She couldn’t go to school over the past week because of her low counts, so she and Mimi have been homeschooling. Thankfully Mimi is a great teacher and Bailey has been able to keep up with all of her studies so far this year. She really misses her friends and her teacher when she is not able to go, but she understands that this too shall pass and she will be running around the school grounds of RCE before we know it.

We are going to re-check her counts tomorrow to see if they have gone up any. If they have indeed gone up we will begin the new injections on this Friday and will be admitted into Tulane on Monday to begin the collection on Tuesday. Hopefully it will only require a few days in the hospital then we will be sent home for a week or so before having to make our trip to New York. In the meantime please keep praying for her complete recovery! I know God is able and I know we have alot of prayer on our side! Thanks again for your continued support.

***Bailey’s benefit is definitely set for November 13th at Cajun Elite in Jennings. I will have more details to come but please mark your calendars for a day filled with skeet shoots, fun, music, food and much more. We look forward to another great turnout!