Tuesday ……..January 12, 2011

Please do not forget that Bailey’s benefit is this weekend!!! There will be a skeet shoot, auction, bake sale, food sale, etc. My family and friends have worked so hard to put this all together and I cannot say thank you enough! The information is as follows:

Date:  Saturday, January 15, 2011                                               

Time: 8:00am – Until

Where: Cajun Elite Shooting Complex

                3288 Evangeline Hwy

                Jennings, LA 70546

What: Skeet Shooting, Auctions, Food Sales, Bake Sales, etc.

Why: To help with medical expenses and the cost associated with the new treatment she is receiving at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, NY

For more information regarding this event or if you are interested in donating items for the auction please contact: Stefany Touchet 337-315-4085 or Cody Reed 337-224-9122!

You can also register for the skeet shoot the day of the benefit! The first shoot starts at 8am! See you there!

Also please be on the lookout for Bailey’s debut on tv! Yes I did say tv…FOX 15 was kind enough to allow Bailey to do a commercial and tv spot promoting her benefit! She did awesome!!! So a BIG THANK YOU to all the staff at FOX 15!!! I am not sure when it will run but I will keep you all updated so you can be sure to see my little camera star!!! Hope to see you all this weekend!

Bailey's TV Shoot!

Monday, January 11, 2011…..

Happy Belated New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! As you already know from my last post, Bailey, Mimi and I brought in the New Year in NY!!! We headed up to NY on December 29th and I must say we were very worried that we wouldn’t make it. The snow storm really took a toll on the airport and flights were being cancelled and delayed but thankfully God had it all figured out as ususal! We made it to NY and through the craziness of the airport safe and sound.

Bailey had bone marrow aspirations and biopsies scheduled first thing on Thursday morning so our stay was already off to a busy start. That procedure went well on Thursday and we were sent back to the Ronald McDonald House until Monday when she would start round three of 3f8 treatment. Our weekend was spent letting her recooperate from the bone marrow procedure and just taking it easy so to speak. I actually think we took it to easy because we were all asleep by 10:30pm!

Monday morning came and the rough stuff was there waiting! Monday morning of treatments is one of Bailey’s worst days. Not only does she have to do the dreaded finger prick (which she is getting better at by the way) but it is also one of the hardest days of treatment. So Monday was off to a rough start but little did we know it would get rouger. Unfortunately Bailey’s body was not 100% over the upper respiratory infection that she had two weeks prior to treatment, so as they gave her the dilaudid for pain her oxygen levels started to drop. This happens because the dilauded not only takes the pain away but also makes the body very sleepy. Sometimes it makes the body so sleepy, that your body forgets to breathe on it’s own, which is exactly what was happening. Needless to say her dilaudid intake had to be adjusted for the remainder of the week which meant that she would feel more pain than normally.

My sweet little girl handled that rough week like a rockstar. Throughout the week when things would get really bad for her and she was in extreme pain, she would order Mimi and I as well as her nurse to stop what we were doing and to pray. It couldn’t have made me any prouder than to see my little girl turn to the one who is able to stop all the pain. Her faith in God and prayer is so strong and amazes me each and everyday!

The week ended and we were able to head home on Saturday. Of course I booked the 6:59 am flight, because the earlier flights are normally cheaper, which meant that we had to wake up at 2am because the shuttle picks us up at 3am. We made it to the airport by 4:30am and were headed back to Louisiana by 7am! Another sucessful treatment and another step closer.

On another note, I will tell you that snow is soooo much more enjoyable on tv! Do not think for one minute that there is any fun in walking through the snow, especially while trying to push a wheelchair. Of course Bailey thought it was the coolest thing as her wheelchair went through snow but that was only because she couldn’t see me behind her holding on for dear life as I was walking! Definitely an experience that you only wish to encounter once in your life…LOL!!! Thanks as always for your continuous prayers and words of encouragement. God is good and I know He will carry us through, but it is a great feeling knowing we have so many people accompanying us on her journey!