February 5, 2013…. CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR!!!!!!

Praising GOD for miracles, healing and a healthy future! Yes we got fantastic news 🙂 All of Bailey’s scans are clear and she can continue taking the DFMO she started in December. I really do think her clear scans were unexpected by the team in Michigan, despite Bailey constantly telling them that we were not going to be staying for an extra week and we were flying home over the weekend because we have been praying for that spot to go away and she has been talking to her spot to tell it that is needs to go away… lol! That little girl has faith that can move mountains!

So we arrived in Michigan on Tuesday and had scans Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday the team said that Dr. Sholler was out of the office and would discuss the results with us on Monday when Bailey was due to be in clinic to start the chemo regiment that was planned to get rid of that spot near her liver. (Keep in mind they only put her on “compassionate” use of DFMO in December to keep her stable while we came home to let her counts finish recovering, not to clear that little spot). Well being the impatient momma that I am, I begged them to have Dr.Sholler call me on Friday if possible whether good or bad and give me the results because waiting until Monday is just plain torture…let’s be honest! Anyways, I got a call from Dr.Sholler’s assistant Shannon bright and early on Friday morning and I just knew it was going to be good! She started off by saying well we normally don’t do this but I got the ok from Dr. Sholler to read you the results of Baileys’ scans, are you ready? I said yes I am sooooo ready…she began reading “No uptake here and no uptake there and no uptake shown here and stable there”…so I said ok can you get to the liver part (because that was the area that still had a spot in December that was going to cause Bailey to have to do chemo) so she says”MIBG reading shows liver is normal and no lesions of focus can been seen at this time, the spot is resolved”…well praise GOD because only HE could have done that! I literally could have done a cartwheel or screamed at the top of my lungs when she read those words to me. My little girl is clear again! She then continued to say “we are going to cancel your appointments in clinic for next week since the chemo is no longer needed and you guys are free to go home as soon as you can…continue on the DFMO and we will see you in two months for scans”. Just the news we have been praying for! Her miracle is happening 🙂

So of course since it was bright and early, Bailey was still asleep so I decided that this is definitely news worth waking her for. I slowly kissed her forehead and said wake up Bay, momma just got a call with your results. As she lazily opened one eye she said ok what are they, so I preceeded to tell her that everything is good, she is clear and her little spot is gone…she says”Momma I already knew it was gone because I told you we have been praying over it and I have been talking to it telling it to go away so can I go back to sleep now”…wow! Only my little girl would be so nonchalant about this wonderful news…not because she doesn’t really care and not because she was that tired…no the reason she was like that is because of her faith! She knew that she had asked GOD to take it away and heal her and she truly believed that HE would…and boy did HE ever! Right there in that moment my little girl taught me yet another lesson in life….When you ask GOD for something don’t ever doubt that it won’t be done, because it will. HE hears our prayers, our cries and HE knows the desires of our heart. When you put your whole heart and trust into HIS promises you have nothing to fear. HE will protect and provide. Although I know this and I am the one that preaches this to her over and over again, her words hit me like a ton of bricks…Ask and you shall receive…it is as simple as that!

With that being said we are home…right where we belong! Bailey continues to take her DFMO but is officially off the “compassionate” use and is considered to be on the trial for maintenance therapy. As long as her scans continue to be clear, she can take this medicine for up to 2 years or longer. She has done really well with the DFMO and has absolutely no side effects. Her counts are still coming up but she hasn’t had to get a transfusion in almost three weeks so we are praising GOD for that as well. She has been through so much over the past 6 months getting the 2 MIBG therapies back to back, it feels really good to see her feeling so good and just being a kiddo again. With the DFMO she will only be required to do blood work once a month so let’s just say I am not sure how we will handle having all this free time away from hospitals but we are so looking forward to figuring that part out!

So thank you all…thank you for the prayers, the support and for believing in faith with us that she would be clear again. She will live a healthy cancer free life in Jesus’ name. I will keep you updated on how we are spending our time at home and I promise to post pictures too. Her hair is finally growing back and she is still making lots of progress in terms of standing and walking with her walker. She really is amazing 🙂 Please continue praying that she is healed once and for all…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

JOB 9:10 “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted”

My Little Miracle