May 17, 2013…. Life lately

Well I am just realizing it has been a month since my last post…geez life has been busy! My sweet girl is hanging in there…some days are good but most days are hard. Not sure where she finds the strength to fight like she does but let me tell you she is a fighter. Since my last post she has completed another round of chemo, last week actually. Her little body took 4 weeks to recover before she was able to start the next cycle but thankfully she did recover. Since she has had so many treatments over the past 3 years her recovery time takes a little longer than it did when this all started. Basically her bone marrow is tired and rightfully so! Anyways she completed round 2 of chemo at Tulane last week and overall she did really well. Thankfully she wasn’t as sick as she was during cycle 1 so we were pretty excited about that. We stayed in New Orleans the entire week of chemo just because it is so much easier on her and me these days as Baby Reed sucks up what little energy I do have. We finished up the last day of chemo on Friday and headed back home. Thankfully our wonderful neighbors, Zack and Nicole Cary, had supper ready and waiting for our arrival. They are truly the best neighbors ever and we are so thankful for their friendship!!! We enjoyed our supper and a quick visit then headed home to what we thought would be an uneventful weekend. Unfortunately this Nifurtimox had different plans and my poor girl started getting extremely nauseaous followed by projectile vomiting that lasted all day. Needless to say by that night I decided that I was going to hold her Nifurtimox medicine until Monday. I wanted to talk to the doctor in Michigan to see what we could do ….because she can handle feeling yucky from chemo and she can somewhat handle feeling yucky from the Nifurtimox, but feeling yucky from both at the same time just isn’t fair or tolerable for that matter!

Thankfully we went to clinic on Monday of this week and the doctors agreed that we needed to hold the Nifurtimox again for a couple of days to allow her body to recover without all the vomiting and also to see if her appetite would come back as she wouldn’t eat ANYTHING. While at clinic we also discovered that Bailey’s UTI was not gone despite the full cycle of antibiotics she had just completed days before….so back on a different antibiotic she goes. My sweet girl cannot catch a break these days but we have faith better days are ahead! This week continued with transfusions, hopsital visits, shots to boost her white blood cells, elevated liver enzymes from the chemo (thankfully they are coming down to normal levels again) etc etc. We also found out this week that Michigan is ready for her to repeat scans next week so we are flying out on Monday and she will have scans on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please join me in prayer that this treatment is working. Pray and believe with me that my little girl is healed. Pray the scans next week show that healing is taking over every last cell in her precious little body. Pray for healthier days, no more days of feeling yucky, days that we can enjoy and have fun together at home as a family without all the hospital runs, recovered counts, clear scans that will continue throughout her long life, no more shots, no more medications, no more infections, strength, etc etc etc. I know she is healed and I firmly believe she will live a long and healthy life free from cancer forever….it is just really hard to watch her struggle in the meantime. My little girl deserves a break. She deserves to not be hooked up to an IV all day long. She deserves LIFE! So pray pray pray and believe believe believe that all these things will come to pass. The price has already been paid on a cross by someone else who was so undeserving of the brutal attacks on HIS body…but I am so thankful HE paid the price anyways so that we could have LIFE! I know how hard I struggle to watch Bailey fight this horrible disease that she did nothing to deserve and it really makes me stop to think about how God must have felt to have to watch his only Son die on a cross…something he didn’t deserve to save the lives of so many undeserving people. I can’t imagine how his heart must have been broken into a million pieces. How much HE really loves us and wants us to live. I know she is healed by each and every one of those stripes and I am believing in her miracle….I believe she will have LIFE!  NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

P.S. For those of you who are wondering, I am doing fine and so is Baby Reed. Of course I could use more sleep but what mother couldn’t right 🙂 We were able to do an ultrasound and our little fetus is growing and has a very strong heart beat. We are so very thankful for this baby and we know it will be a blessing to our entire family. Bailey and the boys are over the moon excited and cannot wait until our little addition arrives. We are expecting Baby Reed on November 16th. We will find out very soon what we are expecting and I will be sure to keep you all posted.

***Also a big thank you to every one that took the time to vote for Bailey and I on KATC’s mommy and me contest for Mother’s Day…We won and we couldn’t have felt more loved or supported. You all definitely made our day!!! And a big thank you to my BFF Misty Laviolette for secretly entering our photo for the contest! You are one in a million my friend!

Isaiah 53:4-5

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him and by his wounds we are healed.”

My little sunshine