Friday, March 18th….2011

Well we had a great visit with our Tulane friends on Wednesday for Bailey’s surgery. We went to Tulane to replace Bailey’s Quentin cathedar with a smaller mediport. Thankfully with this port I will be able to bathe her in a bathtub again!!! You cannot imagine how happy I am that she will be able to bathe but also swim! With the old port she couldn’t get wet so we had to do sponge baths and of course no swimming (although last summer I broke the rules and got a blowup canoe to put in Mimi’s swimming pool so my little girl could enjoy the water). Needless to say those are things of the past and we have reached another milestone in her journey! Another routine of how life used to be now our reality again.

We have thoroughly enjoyed these past six weeks at home considering this was the longest stay at home that we have had in a year! How time flies when life is busy. I still cannot believe that it has been a year sometimes. With that being said we took every moment and enjoyed it to the fullest. We went for a boat ride on Mr. Cody’s boat, ate crawfish several times (Bay’s favorite), moved Bailey into her new room, had a hotel stay in Baton Rouge just to get away, went to school and of course spent precious time with our family and friends. We were very busy!

Tonight we are heading to New Orleans because our flight leaves at 6am for New York. Thankfully this stay will only be for one week while she gets her 3f8 treatment. She has also finished round 4 of Accutane and I must say that I am counting down the days until we reach cycle 6 of that medicine. Although I know it is helping and doing what it should, I do not like to see how it affects my little girl. The mood swings are something else. She crys at the drop of a hat and I won’t even mention what it does to her skin! So as we go on our next trip, please keep her in your prayers. The treatment weeks are so hard on her and the pain is undescribable, but of course she never complains. She makes it so easy, sometimes I forget she is only 8!

I will keep you all updated with her treatment! Enjoy some of the pictures we took on our six weeks at home!!! Never a dull moment with that little girl!

Dr.Seuss Day at School!

Pretending they were at the beach!

My Cupcake!

Learning to drive the boat!

Perfect Day with my two favorite people!

Driving mommie around!

Riding four wheelers and golf carts!

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