May 2, 2012…Just living life :)

Well I wanted to update to let everyone know what has been going on since I last posted. Bailey did end up getting the low dose chemo irinotecan last week (April 23 – 27). It was a little harder on her this time than last but afterall it is chemo so we have always learn to expect the unexpected! She was able to receive it at Tulane so this meant a week of driving back and forth to New Orleans everyday. We are so thankful for our oncologist, Dr. Kanter, and her staff at Tulane. They always make things so easy for us and I cannot say how much we appreciate each and every one of them! The week had a few challenges for Bailey…nausea, vomitting, diarrehea, etc. but it also had some surprises in store as well. We were so thankful that our little friend Ashtyn (who is also fighting the same cancer as Bailey) was in clinic all week with us receiving outpatient chemo as well. Bailey thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her and her mom everday…let’s just say it definitely made our week go by just a little quicker…they are such a joy to be around. Please keep Ashtyn in your prayers as she is such a special little 5 year old 🙂

So we are back at home until the week of May 14th in which we will repeat the low dose chemo again. The trial in New York was pushed back again due to unforseen delays so while this stinks that Bailey cannot start in early June like we were hoping for, this does mean that we get more time at home and more time to plan a few things we have been wanting to do. Hopefully she will get to start the trial in late June or early July but it will depend on lots of things so until we get the word we will continue doing what we are doing…living life 🙂

So for some exciting news…we just got the ok from Bailey’s oncologist that we can take a family CRUISE!!! This is something that Bailey has always wanted to do and now given the unexpected time at home and how well she has been feeling, we will be able to do this! When the idea first came up, due to the complications that come with living life with cancer, we were not sure if this would be a possibility. Unfortunately it is not an easy thing to take your child that has cancer on a ship in the middle of the Carribean for 5 days. Let’s just say there is alot of planning and preparing we must do in case we are faced with the “What If’s” that could arise while on our cruise. So to say we are excited that this will come to pass for our family is an understatement. None of our family has ever gone on a cruise so this will be an adventure to say the least. The kids are already making their to do list to make sure we get everything in! Cody and I are preparing ourselves that this will in no way be a relaxing vacation for us but to see the happiness on their faces and to know that we are all going together as a family will be worth every hurdle we have to cross! We will probably need a vacation from our vacation but regardless we cannot wait! We are also excited that other members of our extended family will be joining us making this memory together with us! Dates have not been decided on yet as we are still working out the “details” but I will definitely keep you all posted!

So as always thank you thank you thank you for continuing to pray for Bailey and for our family. We would never be where we are without your prayers and support. My little girl has had a very interesting life for a 9 year old but there is no doubt in my mind she has a greater purpose than I could have ever dreamed. God is a good God and a faithful God. He will fulfill His promises one milestone at a time…I am just overwhelmed that we are lucky enough to watch them unfold!

                 NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE 🙂

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