June 22, 2012… Not so good news for my princess :(

Today will be short and sweet as I am struggling with the recent news we received. Bailey’s scans from last week show her cancer is back. She has two new spots which means the low dose chemo she was on to keep her clear did not work. I am reaching out to three different hospitals trying to find the best possible treatment plan for her…I will keep you all posted once I know what will happen next. She is in great spirits as always, being the strongest and bravest little girl ever. We will NOT give up and we have FAITH that God has something in store for her… He will heal her! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

My Pretty Little Princess

My pretty little princess
she’s my heart and soul, you know.
A child so young and innocent
to face so many of life’s unkowns

Every time she smiles,
her spirit melts your heart.
Determination, strength and courage
have set her far apart.

She has so much wisdom,
she’s wise beyond her years.
She never gives up this fight for her life,

Regardless of her pain and tears


Her smile lights up the room,
She has this special glow.
She’s more than my pretty little princess,
She’s an angel on earth I know.

She has never met a stranger,
and by many she is loved.
She has angel friends here with her now,
and those who watch her from above.

God sent this special princess to me
to teach me many things.
To live, laugh, love, with all my heart
and how to be an angel without wings.

 I love you Bailey…Love, Mommie

One thought on “June 22, 2012… Not so good news for my princess :(

  1. I am so sorry to hear this news. Your faith and strength AMAZE me. I will be praying for ya’ll.


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