July 25, 2012….Blood Drive and all the reasons why

Well first I want to begin with the some not so great news…I got the call yesterday to give me the results from Bailey’s scans last week and the news was anything but good. Actually it is heartbreaking…I cannot get into details right now because I want my little girl to enjoy these last few days at home free from worry. She already knows the cancer came back in June and we are starting new treatments next week to fight this horrible disease again and really that is all she needs to know right now. What is the point in dampering her little spirit with more bad news. I will say that I pray these next few days fly by so I can get my little girl up to Philadelphia to start the new trial. Please continue to pray that God will heal her completely as only HE can. I know she has a bigger purpose on this Earth and she is such a fighter…He will make her whole again.


Now on to some positive news and how each and every one of you can help her in this fight! Bailey’s Blood Drive is this Saturday at the Rayne Fire Department, 316 S. Adams Avenue, Rayne, LA 70578. Please come and join us from 9am -2pm! We are encouraging everyone who can to donate blood and platelets!!! This will be a vital step in her recovery from the upcoming treatment she is about to endure. She will need alot of transfusions and with the shortage of blood products your donation is very important.

If you did not sign up by yesterday, don’t worry….just come!!! We will have plenty of nurses there that can accommodate anyone and everyone that wants to donate. We need your help!!! We will also be selling Bailey’s Prayer Necklaces, Nothing Is Impossible Bracelets, BBQ burgers, baked good, t-shirts, etc. My little girl will be signing up the donors at the door so please be sure to let her know you are praying for her when you sign in! I know this encourages her and makes her feel loved by so many! It is very encouraging to have so many people supporting us on this journey. We love you all and hope to see you Saturday!!!!


NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Please keep praying….

2 thoughts on “July 25, 2012….Blood Drive and all the reasons why

  1. Hi
    I must say I read your story and it truely touched my heart. I would love to help you raise some money for Bailey’s cause. I can do a fundraiser with Thirty One. I can come out that day and set up a table where people can order in her honor and then we can extend that where people can order online until the 31st. It is just a little thing that I can do for her. Bless her heart. you can email me at theresabourque31gifts@yahoo.com

  2. How can I go about getting a necklace and bracelet? Couldn’t make it Saturday but want to help!

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