August 22, 2013….Benefit and much more

Well I am writing to inform everyone that the company I work for, Maritime International, has decided to put on a benefit for Bailey….and not just a small little benefit…we are talking a HUGE benefit with bands, auctions, food sales, raffles, etc.  I have attached the flyer as well as the corporate sponsor forms for anyone that is interested or knows someone who might be interested in helping out. To say we are blessed would be a huge understatement. It never ceases to amaze me how prayers that we pray always get answered….maybe not when you expect them too, but eventually they do! As everyone knows we are praying that another trial will open up for Bailey and Maritime wants us to be fully prepared when that happens as participating in these trials are very costly…they understand all to well the amount of time we spend traveling for her treatments and want to help cover the cost that are associated with our travels.

Maritime has always been very supportive in our search for Bailey’s cure and has always supported my efforts to get her treatments wherever we needed to in order to get her cancer-free again regardless of how much time those travels would keep me away from the office. They have made every effort to enable me to continue working full-time no matter where I am with Bailey…whether we are at home, in hospitals, in different states, etc….and now this! What an amazing company I have been blessed to work for over the past 7 years! Please feel free to pass along the information to anyone and everyone…the more help we have the more successful this benefit will be. You guys have always supported us as well over the past 3.5 years and I know your support and your prayers is what will carry us through until she is healed once and for all! We firmly believe NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and we will not give up in our search!

Corporate Sponsorship Forms

Bucks for Bailey Fundraiser Flyer

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