About Bailey

In March of 2010, life for Bailey Leon and her family would change drastically overnight. No one would have guessed that a healthy 7-year-old little girl experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms and back pain would become a wheelchair bound paraplegic cancer patient in a matter of days. A trip to the ER at Women’s and Children’s Hospital and several tests would show a massive tumor from the base of her spine to the top of her abdomen, wrapping around her spinal cord and compressing all major organs including her heart and lungs. Within days Bailey was diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of childhood cancer…Neuroblastoma, thus beginning the fight for her life.

In the past 3-1/2 years, Bailey Leon and her family have experienced more trials and struggles than most people face in a lifetime. Her journey has taken them to 5 different hospitals in 4 states. Instead of learning how to ride a bike, Bailey has learned how to live life in a wheelchair because the original tumor has left her partially paralyzed.

She knows what it’s like to spend holidays and birthdays thousands of miles away from home while getting treatments. She also knows there is no known cure for Neuroblastoma and that she must continue to fight through these treatments in hopes of a cure being found.

Bailey lives by the motto “Nothing is Impossible,” because she truly believes a person can overcome anything if they have faith and believe that prayers bring miracles.

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